Pennsylvania Ballroom

About Us

The Pennsylvania Ballroom Scrimmage founded in 2007, inspired by a member of the Shriners in Harrisburg successfully enjoyed 200 entries its first year. 

Due to our success in 2009 we moved our competition to the prestigious Lancaster Marriott Convention Center at Penn Square and became one of their first events. As of 2011 we became sanctioned by the NDCA.

Saturday night's Kick-Off party last year was a hit so this year we are continuing the tradition.

The competition will have two separate ballrooms at times and at least 6 judges.
Our Lancaster Newspaper has also been very gracious with their coverage, thanks to the Law Offices of William C. Haynes & Assoc, so plan to see many new faces.

The future of the Pennsylvania Ballroom Scrimmage is unlimited and open to grow. This competition is for anybody and everybody who chooses to participate in a friendly neighborhood environment. 
Please join our vision , we promise to make you feel at home!